Colonial Poker Chips

This is a great opportunity to own some original colonial poker chips! These antique poker chips are made from real coins and have a wonderful patina. These chips may appear worn in photos, but they’re incredibly authentic and can be matched with the original coins in the collection to prove their authenticity. Those interested in purchasing a set should look at the eBay seller zeroc00l. He is located in Seminole, Florida and ships worldwide.


Colonial poker is a game where you use coins as currency. These coins were often issued by colonial governments and had no real value. Unlike modern currency, colonial coins had no monetary value, but were issued based on credit by the colonial government. Because of this, British creditors refused to accept them in trade, further devaluing their value.


Chips for colonial poker are replicas of real coins that were used to play the game. They were produced by Adult Leisure Products Corporation (ALPSCO) and commemorate American Revolution themed coins. The chips are packaged in an ornate box that is 8 1/2 inches square and two inches tall.


The Game of Colonial Poker is a fun, historic card game that originated in the American Colonies during the 17th and 18th centuries. It was played throughout the colonies, until the American Revolution. During this time, European colonists flocked to the Americas for different reasons. Some were seeking fortune and fame, others were explorers and religious zealots. Some wished to bring Christianity to the people of the “New World.”

Gambling was common in early colonial times, and it was particularly popular in the South. While gambling was illegal in New England, it was popular throughout the other thirteen colonies. Even during the Revolutionary War, lottery schemes were used to raise money. This type of gambling requires careful thought and the ability to weigh the risk versus reward. This is a game that demonstrates how shrewd and resourceful some early colonists were.

Before the game of colonial poker became popular in the Americas, it was played in the southern colonies. By 1800, the game had reached the southern states and the plantation colonies. The first description of the game was in the New Pocket Hoyle, published in Philadelphia, in 1805. Poker quickly replaced brag in popularity.

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